Dress Code

Dance Attire Appropriate attire is required for any art or sport.  Our dress code is VERY flexible.  Proper dress helps students move freely and allows the teacher to observe correct technique.  Please follow the dress code for dance classes.  Leotards, tights, leggings, sports bras and hot shorts are acceptable for dance class.  Leotards can be any color & style including those with or without skirts.  T-shirts may be worn with biker shorts or leggings ONLY! T-shirts are not to be worn with gym shorts.  Shorts may be worn with leotards, sports bras or tank tops.  Dance pants can be worn in tap & jazz classes — not ballet, lyrical or pointe classes — legs need to be seen for proper technique.  Street clothes or pajamas are not acceptable.  It is very helpful if hair is secured away from eyes and out of the face.

Shop Showstoppers:
For color and style uniformity we sell dance shoes for our classes.  PLEASE purchase dance shoes from Showstoppers so classes will match!  We provide this convenience to our families and students to take the “guess work” out of sizing and ordering.  We also sell leotards, hot shorts, skirts, tights, Showstoppers shirts & tanks, hoodies & more!  Remember: sales tax must be added to all purchases. We will be glad to assist you and we appreciate your business!