Studio / Classroom

Students need to arrive promptly in proper dance attire and shoes. Please see our dress code and shoe requirements for specific information.

The dressing room and lobby areas are not to be used for a playground. Absolutely no running or loud noises. This disrupts classes in session. Siblings and friends who stay while dancers are in class are asked to wait quietly. We ask there be no interruptions during classes except in case of emergency.

Please do not open the studio door to “peek” into class. This creates unnecessary distractions especially for younger classes.

Special times have been designated for parents to view their children’s progress known as “Parents Week.” Parents are invited to attend a regularly scheduled lesson. Due to limited seating, only parents should attend. Siblings, other family members and friends should not attend however, they are welcome at the annual spring dance recital. For specific dates, please see our calendar.

Students and parents are asked to respect all instructors. If there is a problem, please call our office. Classes are scheduled one right after the other. Between classes is not always the best time to answer questions or solve problems. We want to give your concerns our undivided attention. You may call or e-mail us and we will personally address any issues as soon as possible.

Parents and students are asked not to bring food or drink in the building. Students should eat before and after class. Plain bottled water is allowed in dance bags in the dressing room area but not in the studio rooms. No food, gum, candy, juice or pop.

We will not leave younger dancers unattended so please be prompt in picking them up. Teachers waiting with students are scheduled to assist in another class or have finished their shift and are waiting to leave. Students should not have to wait more than 5 minutes. Parents are asked to remind their children NOT to go outside unless you are there. For your convenience, we have a circular drive for parents who wish to drop off and pick up their children at the front door. Those who wish to wait while children are in class need to park in a striped space with a parking stump in front of it!  DO NOT PARK OR DRIVE ON THE GRASS. If our parking lot is full, please park across the street. Do not park or leave your car unattended in the circular drive. This will provide better traffic flow for everyone. Please use extra caution upon entering and exiting the parking lot especially after dark. There are many young children coming and going from our facility.

Students are encouraged to practice their recital routines.  We are happy to record their music on a CD or flash drive.  You may send a new/unused CD–not DVD with them to class during the second semester.