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We are very excited about the upcoming year and we hope dancing with us is a positive experience for everyone. We pride ourselves on quality dance instruction to students of all ages. Most classes are limited to 15 students per class–many classes have less than 15 students. There is an instructor and an assistant with each class. Two teachers gives us the opportunity to provide individual help and instruction to insure that students are learning technique and combinations correctly.
Dancing is one of the best methods for developing the mind and body. It adds to one’s grace, poise, self-confidence and overall conditioning. In the classroom, students appreciate the value of working hard and maintaining self-discipline while learning the importance of respect and loyalty. The learning environment also provides an excellent social activity.

We think we have the right balance of discipline and fun in a positive atmosphere at Showstoppers. Whatever your dance goals, we hope to help you achieve them.

“Dance Is The Art Of Which We Ourselves Are Made”

Showstoppers is located just east of the Perkins Road and Krayler intersection. Our facility consists of 3500 square feet with two dance studios. Fall office hours are Monday 3:45pm-8:45pm,  Tuesday 3:30pm-8:00pm,  Wednesday 3:00pm-8:45pm and Thursday 3:45pm-7:15pm.

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